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Modüler Sistem Bireysel Tez Koçluğu: Hizmetler


In-Depth Approach


The Modular System of Individual Dissertation Coaching is a program suitable for those who have just started writing any part of their thesis/dissertation or proposal and who want to complete this process by increasing their academic reading and writing skills.


Since writing a dissertation is a long-term process, you can choose one or more modules depending on the stage you are at or the field you need guidance about


There are 5 modules within the scope of the program.


Module 1: Research Proposal

Module 2: Literature Review

Module 3: Theoretical Framework (and Hypotheses)

Module 4: Research Methods and Design

Module 5: Analysis and Evaluation



Writing chapter outline

 (one-hour long four meetings)

  • Weeks 1 - 2  

    • We will cover semi-structured content relating to the chosen module in the context of your topic. At the same time, you will be starting the process of research/thinking/planning.


  • Weeks 3 - 6

    • You will draft a general chapter outline following our 2nd weekly meeting, and we will discuss it in our week 3 meeting.

    • Then you will start to write the detailed chapter outline and we will talk about it in our 5th and 6th week meetings.

    • Once you have clarified the detailed chapter outline, you will begin to write the first draft our your chapter .

.  ​​

​​​​Draft writing

  • You can allocate several weeks for this stage according to your own pace.

  • During this process, we will hold short (20-minute) meetings every two weeks to assess your progress and identify and resolve any issues that may arise. 

Written Feedback

  • Once the draft reaches a certain level of maturity, you will receive detailed written feedback* on the entire text.

  • Written feedback will specifically address (1) problem areas relating to the technical requirements of the module – including comments on why they are problematic and suggestions on how to fix them – and (2) the overall organization of the chapter, cohesion between and within paragraphs, and clarity of your ideas.

  • After you have read the detailed written feedback, we will conduct a final evaluation (and planning) meeting.



* Please schedule one week for return of the written feedback.

* Written feedback is a one-time read.

* Written feedback does NOT include proofreading (i.e. grammar, spelling, or other corrections).

Modüler Sistem Bireysel Tez Koçluğu: Hizmetler
Image by Hans-Peter Gauster


Araştırma ve Yazma

Module 1

In this module, we will cover in detail how to structure and write a research proposal, in parallel and step by step.


Together we will find answers to these questions:

  • How can I narrow down the research topic and/or refine my research question?

  • Why do we conduct a literature review? How should the literature search be done and written up?

  • How will I determine the aims and objectives of the research?

  • What does research method and design mean? How should I choose the method and design appropriate for the research question?

  • How should I plan the whole research proposal?

Module 2

A literature review can be considered the first step of a thesis/dissertation because every research project takes place within the context of the extant literature and aims to contribute to it.


The purpose of this module is to help you understand the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of a literature review and to enable you to carry out your own literature review step by step, yet effectively and swiftly.


During our study, we will answer the following questions together:

  • Why do we conduct a literature review?

  • How do we find the literature relevant to the research question?

  • How should secondary sources be organized, read, and noted?

  • How can we critically analyse the literature?

  • How should the literature review chapter be planned? How should findings/ideas from secondary sources be synthesized and written?

  • What are the types of quotes and references and rules for implementing them?

Üniversite Kütüphanesi

Module 3

Image by Remy Hellequin

You are writing the theory (or theoretical framework) chapter of your thesis/dissertation, but you do not know exactly what and how to write; or you have not fully grasped why the theory section should be placed at the beginning (or the end) of the thesis and what purpose it serves.


In this module, while learning what theory means and how it is constructed, as well as the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of writing a theory chapter, you will write the theoretical framework of your study step by step.


In this context, we will answer the following questions together:

  • What is theory? Why and how does thinking in terms of dependent and independent variables help us to organize our thinking?

  • Is my goal to test a theory or build a theory? What are deduction and induction?

  • How and at what stage of the study do I need to create the theoretical framework of my thesis?

  • What is the purpose of a hypothesis? How is it constructed and presented?

Module 4

Determining the most appropriate and feasible method for your research and planning the research design in as much detail as possible is half the battle.


Within the scope of this module, you will write this chapter step by step, learning how to plan the methodology section of your thesis/thesis and deciding what choices (and why) you need to make at various stages of the research design.


The questions we will deal with together are as follows:

  • What research methods are available?

  • How will I choose the appropriate method for my research question and my research goals and objectives?

  • What is the role of my research philosophy at this stage?

  • What is research design? How can I create a design that fits my research question and research goals and objectives?

  • How should I organize and present the Methodology chapter of my thesis/dissertation?

Image by Emily Morter

Module 5

Pazar araştırması

You are determined to carry out the qualitative or quantitative research for your thesis/dissertation entirely by yourself; however, you do not have a strong enough background in data collection and/or analysis methods.


In this module, you will learn the methods of collecting, classifying, interpreting, and presenting data in line with the qualitative or quantitative research method you have chosen, and you will write the Analysis section of your thesis by applying the method step by step.


In this context, we will answer the following questions together:

  • How exactly will I carry out the quantitative/qualitative analysis that I have chosen?

  • What is the appropriate way to present my findings?

  • How will I interpret the findings in light of my questions/hypotheses?

  • How should I organize the analysis chapter?

Modüler Sistem Bireysel Tez Koçluğu: Fiyat Listesi


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