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Completing a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation is a research and writing process in which you acquire the tools and abilities to individually carry out a comprehensive academic project. However, in your research you might encounter serious problems, and from time to time perhaps even worry that you will not be able to complete the project.


Often graduates face difficulties in time management due to added responsibilities or unexpected problems in the flow of life. Perhaps you are struggling to manage aspects of the thesis process, or you are a chronic procrastinator. Regular meetings with a coach can help you increase your level of engagement and work efficiency.


A properly planned and applied research method is the basis of successful academic research. However, you might sometimes find yourself in limbo because you have not yet gained enough knowledge and skills in Research Methods. You might be unable to see the whole of the dissertation or know how to organize it correctly; you might not know how or why to write certain parts or be unable to decide which research methods are the right ones to choose. A thesis coach can help you to acquire and apply the research and writing skills you need to write a good thesis or dissertation.


An important aspect of academic research and writing is exchanging ideas with people whose knowledge you trust. However, you can sometimes feel alone in this process – perhaps your supervisor is quite busy or hasn’t established good communication with you. A thesis/dissertation coach, while never replacing a supervisor, can support you whenever you feel stuck or are unable to understand something, or if you just want to exchange ideas with a colleague.


The thesis coach can help you to overcome internal and external barriers more easily, contributing to the development of your research and helping you to gain the writing skills that you need to write a good dissertation.

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